Suggested Schedules


Dillon Farmer’s Market.

Catch the 11am out of Frisco, go to Dillon and visit the market. While there, grab lunch and catch the 2pm back to Frisco.

Bike Around The Lake!

See all perspectives of Lake Dillon

Rent a bike in Breckenridge or Frisco and ride to Dillon (Breck to Dillon = 15 miles or Frisco to Dillon 5 miles) Purchase a one way ticket from Dillon to Frisco and return your bike. Great way to see all perspectives of Lake Dillon. Or, rent a bike in Dillon and ride over Swan Mountain Pass or go the flat way across the dam. Then, purchase a one way ticket from Frisco to Dillon to return  your bike. 

Ride / Eat / Ride

Book the 11:00am out of Frisco to Dillon. Walk the marina, which is home to the nation’s highest yacht club, visit the amphitheater, great park for the kids, visit the Dillon Schoolhouse Meseum, have lunch at one of the many restaurants. Return on the 2pm or 4pm back to Frisco.


Book the 10:00am or 12:00pm out of Dillon to Frisco. Visit the marina or walk into town and shop on Main Street. Lots to see and do and plenty of great places to eat. Catch the 1pm or 3pm back to Dillon.

A quick roundtrip will take an hour and a half.

Private Charter

For: Birthday Party / Bachelorette Party / Family Reunions / Happy Hour Sundowner

A private charter includes the Captain, boat and fuel for a minimum of two hours. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks, sit back and enjoy Lake Dillon.